su_Saluting-Carlson-ScholarsBY KEVIN MOE

“Carlson Scholar” is a designation bestowed on graduating students who earn a grade point average of 3.85 or higher in their coursework. These students represent the highest level of academic achievement throughout the school.

Maria Trush – Full-Time MBA

When she was selecting a business school to attend, Maria Trush, ’13 MBA, looked at faculty quality, location, and the potential to get relevant experience to directly apply to work situations. “The Carlson School satisfied all my needs with the unique Enterprise program, location in a big city with a strong economy, and its world-famous faculty,” she says. “Although I was new to Minneapolis, I was able to leverage the school’s broad network and secure an internship at an investment management firm.”

Her biggest takeaway from the MBA program was learning the importance of her network and relationships with people. “We had a very good balance of academic work and professional development, including participation in multiple networking events,” she says. “With the help of my classmates, professors, advisors, and career coaches, I developed comfort with networking, which I am already leveraging at my new job.”

Her new job is in corporate finance at Hilti, a Liechtenstein-based producer of construction equipment. “For my new role, I moved back to Moscow, Russia, where I am originally from, and I am very excited about my new life,” she says. “Hilti Russia is going through a lot of changes, and it is a perfect environment to apply my MBA skills and help it adjust its processes.”

Matthew Thornton – Part Time MBA

Having a background in industrial and systems engineering, Matthew Thornton, ’13 MBA, was working as an industrial engineer for Seagate Technology. “Even during undergrad, I knew I wanted to combine technical skills and business strategy in a fast-paced industry,” he says. “Upon my first few years at Seagate, I realized I could either go the more technical route or go the business/strategy route. I decided to look at MBA programs.” He says he chose the Carlson School based on program strength, worldwide recognition, colleague recommendations, professors, and overall reputation. “I knew that I would most likely be working in and outside of Minnesota—and the worldwide recognition of the Carlson School largely swayed my decision,” he says.

Thornton was pleased with wide course offerings, helpful instructors, and great colleagues. “Everyone is there to better build and expand on their business base, enjoy class, and make connections,” he says. “There is a strong sense of camaraderie and team-work.”

He is now a supply chain operations manager at Seagate for hard drive operations in Latin America. “I have taken many of the skills I have learned at the Carlson School. Most all can directly relate to what I am doing,” he says. “Picking up multi-disciplined people management skills through many group projects is helping me manage multiple ventures in South America with world-wide Seagate and contractor teams over many time zones and three languages.”

A full list of the 2012-13 Carlson Scholars can be found on the school website.

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